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SOLD! Redesigned Moschino & Italian Military Jacket by Mark and Estel- "The Italian Tuxedo Army Jacket"


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Mark and Estel's latest fashion collection "Redesigned" takes upcycling fashion to a whole new level. This new sustainable and eco-friendly fashion collection makes use of already existing unwanted styles made by top designers from previous fashion seasons and redesigns them, transforming them into new cutting edge fashion designed by Mark and Estel. Using their unique tailoring skills and sophisticated design sense, they give personal attention to each piece to make it a timeless piece of fashion for decades to come. By recycling these fashion styles, Mark and Estel uses fewer waste in these creations, and actually keeps unwanted styles out of the "fashion waste stream".

"We believe that our new eco friendly fashion collection Redesigned by Mark and Estel will set you apart from the crowd and make you a fashion leader, paving the way for a better future."

- Mark and Estel

"Statistics show that 14.3 million tons of textiles were sent to the landfill in recent years, or around 5.7 percent of total municipal solid waste generation in the U.S., according to the Environmental Protection Agency."

- Beth Stewart of Redress

Moschino Blazer & Italian Vintage Army Jacket Redesigned by Mark and Estel 

The minute we saw this vintage army jacket made by the Italian Military and the Moschino Blazer we knew we had to merge the two! Tailoring the army jacket we made it cropped with a tuxedo fishtail down the back. Taking the sleeves from the Moschino Blazer, we added the gingham wool fabric adorned with hanging gold beads to the button straps on the top of the jacket. We hemmed the edges of the Italian jacket with overstitching to give it that deconstructed look. Taking the Moschino label, we put it adjacent to the Italian Army Star logo on the outside of the jacket. Seriously what is better than Moschino made in Italy combined with an Italian Army Jacket, designed in the classic Mark and Estel Style!!!

Size: Fits Small - Large (X-Small still looks great giving it a more loose fitting look)

- Tailored

- Long sleeves

- 100% Cotton Shell/ Trimming 100% Wool

- Metal Gold Button detail from Moschino

- Overlocked exposed hems

- Made in Italy by the Italian Army and Moschino and redesigned in the USA by Mark and Estel



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