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The MARK AND ESTEL Fashion Rockstar VIP Membership


*MARK AND ESTEL Fashion Rockstar VIP Members get a 35% discount on all purchases from while the membership is active and enlarged discounts during sales.

OTHER ROCKSTAR PERKS: Members also receive enlarged discounts on sales items, as well as early- and extended times on sales. Members also get special perks such as preordering of new styles, early viewing on new fashion collections and first listen to new MARK AND ESTEL music. 

COST OF MEMBERSHIP IS ONLY $9.99 per month. Once you sign up, we will email you a VIP code to use on purchases to receive the discounts while your membership is active.

CANCELLATION: 6 months minimum membership. If you cancel and sign up again later, you will get a new code. Cancel anytime after the 6 month period. We cannot refund a $9.99 payment already charged. However, if you cancel within 30 days of the payment, the discount code remains active for 30 days after the payment, so it can still be used to receive discounts during that time. To cancel, simply write an email to asking to cancel your membership.

RIGHT TO REVISE TERMS: We reserve the right to continually revise the terms, but we aim to place very few if any restrictions on this, because we want our MARK AND ESTEL Fashion Rockstar VIP Members to always have a super baller shopping experience! 

SUBSCRIPTION CHARGES:  Please note that subscription payments will show up as a charge from "Twiin" on your credit card or bank statements


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