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LIMITED EDITION JAN & FRANK - Jan Day's Famous Rhinestone "J" Inspired Keychain

$ 19.00


Rhinestone J Keychain

Limited Edition Jan & Frank rhinestone "J" Keychain. Inspired by Jan Day's famous "J" pin that she used to wear as her iconic accessory as featured in her photo with the Dalai Lama! It represents both "Jan" and "Jafra". In the spirt of Jan Day, use this keychain with pride! 

  • Overall Length with chain 3.7"

Jan & Frank Day were the grandparents of Estel Day of Mark and Estel. They founded JAFRA COSMETICS in the 1950's which went on to become a global international company with over 500,000 independent sales consultants world wide. Jan & Frank were pioneers of their time. They both lived a glamorous life while at the same time remaining humble and true to their roots.

*All proceeds from the sale are donated to The Jan & Frank Day Foundation, a non-profit benefiting women in business and education


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