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Mark and Estel LIGHT Scented Soy Melts - Grapefruit + Citrus

$ 15.00


Mark and Estel's handpoured soy melts, Linen ++, is a LIGHT scent with a crisp sweet citrus aroma reminiscent of a fresh cut morning grapefruit. Mark and Estel's soy melts have a full body fragrance which lasts the entire melt. Wax melters sold separately. Made from the same scented soy batches that fill our ultra scented soy candles. Packaged in clear plastic clam shell display. Each pack has 6 snaps, dimensions of the wax portion is 3 inches long, by 2 inches wide by one inch deep. When broken each snap is a one inch cube. Soy snaps work best when each snap is broken right in the package before use. We guarantee the highest possible oil concentrate so our soy melts are super saturated with fragrance throughout the entire melt. Our handpoured soy melts are available in EXTREME and LIGHT scents. EXTREME is for the ultimate scent lover and LIGHT is for the more sensitive taste. 

Grapefruit + Citrus - Light

Handpoured Soy Melt

Light scent






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